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Re-Application  Empty Re-Application

Post by (A/229) Hurricane Thu 20 Feb 2020, 20:55

I am a disabled 55yr old Male, living in Largo, Florida just east of the Tampa Bay area. I have been involved with flight sims since IL2 and now currently with DCS, normally I am a fighter jock, however I am absolutely loving this Huey. I would very much like to join this outfit and would appreciate any consideration that you could give this matter. Thank you.

P.s. I originally filed my initial application back in Aug of 2015, I made WO rank, However I have no problems starting from scratch again. I enjoyed my time in the 229th and would like to be resubmitted again for consideration. Thank you again for taking the time to read this post.

(A/229) Hurricane

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Re-Application  Empty Re: Re-Application

Post by Turbine FixR Fri 21 Feb 2020, 02:28

Hi Again Hurricane,
My name is (A229)Hawkeye and I'm the one who asked for your reapplication, earlier today.
Thank you for resubmitting the 229th Application, but we still need some vital information so we can process you into the group.

1) Please go to the 229th Forums and "Register" ( very top of the page) and this is where your email will come in....Your account will be inactive until you confirm it OK..?.
2) Once you have "Logged into the 229th forums, Head back to the top of the page again and clik the "Usergroups".... and select the A Company and find the "join this group"

3)... now we'll see your info and be able to Program our side with your side... OK...

Looking forward to having you on board again.....

someone will be with you within the next 24 hours, if not sooner !


Turbine FixR
Turbine FixR
Rated Senior Aviator
Captain Rated Senior Aviator

No. of Flights: : I can't count that High
Killed In Action: : Lots... :O
Slick No. of landings: : Always Landed
Messages : 180
Age : 60
Location : KBTV

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Re-Application  Empty Re: Re-Application

Post by (A/229) Hurricane Fri 21 Feb 2020, 12:42

Aye, Sir Will do. Read and understood.


(A/229) Hurricane
Warrant Officer Candidate

Messages : 2
Location : Largo, Florida USA

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Re-Application  Empty Re: Re-Application

Post by Sponsored content

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