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Application - Coach Empty Application - Coach

Post by (A/229) Coach Fri 29 Jan 2021, 18:05

Harold here, aka Coach (Hoopscoah71). I’m 67, retired from a career in law enforcement and live in Alberta, Canada. Volunteering is in my blood and I’m currently working with a local Special Olympics group to rebuild their chapter. My main passion is coaching youth/school basketball, but unfortunately the covid 19 virus cancelled that this year. Hopefully things will be back to some sort of normality next Fall.

It's been quite some time since I last flew in DCS (X-plane mostly this past year). Obviously I’m extremely rusty but consider myself an “old” diamond in the rough. I expect that I'll be keeping the ground crew gainfully employed making repairs until I get comfy. haha.

I took up quilting and bag making just over two years ago to make gifts for a girls basketball team that I was coaching (and something for the wife, haha). I’m currently making a weighted blanket for a vet buddy of mine that has PTSD.

Other than that, I recently bought a bass guitar (I'll be taking online lessons from a guy in London) much to my wife’s displeasure. She felt it would cut into her time with me..I told her she could take up the drums....and then I ran. Very Happy

I think that I’m drawn to DCS because of the challenge to learn how to handle a study airframe with some resemblance of competency. I have several planes but my shortlist (until last night, haha) included the A-10 C II, Harrier, Hornet, and the P-47 on the War Bird side.

I value my free time and want to feel a sense of accomplishment – both in tackling the various components of training, and also eventually enjoying the camaraderie and friendly banter of a virtual squadron.

(A/229) Coach

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Application - Coach Empty Re: Application - Coach

Post by (A/229) Spooky Sat 30 Jan 2021, 19:42

Glad to have you in the group we have personally got you into discord so lets get you setup and get you in the air... Glad to have you

(A/229) Spooky
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