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My R/C UH-1N Empty My R/C UH-1N

Post by (HHC/229) Dabomb Sun 24 Sep 2017, 18:06

I actually bought this kit a couple years ago, but decided to build it this summer in parallel with the UH-1D (because apparently I'm bi-polar and was in a manic phase -- lol).

This one is a 600 size, just under 5 feet in length (1480mm) and just over a foot wide (330mm).  It's electric powered with a 890Kv motor running on a single 6-cell, 5000mah battery.  Flight time is around 6 minutes per charge.  Still needs some additional detailing, but overall looks pretty good and flies very well.

My R/C UH-1N Uh-1n10

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(HHC/229) Dabomb
(HHC/229) Dabomb
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Chief Warrant Officer 3 Rated Aviator

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My R/C UH-1N Empty Re: My R/C UH-1N

Post by (A/229) Huckleberry Sun 24 Sep 2017, 18:51

Wow I didn't realize they were so big

Looks nice. 6 mins of flight time would frustrate me though lol. I'd have to hook about 4 batteries up in parallel
(A/229) Huckleberry
(A/229) Huckleberry
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Chief Warrant Officer 4 Rated Senior Aviator

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My R/C UH-1N Empty Re: My R/C UH-1N

Post by (B/229) BlackJack Sat 30 Sep 2017, 19:14

Great !
(B/229) BlackJack
(B/229) BlackJack
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My R/C UH-1N Empty Re: My R/C UH-1N

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