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New dude, Chucks

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New dude, Chucks Empty New dude, Chucks

Post by Chocks Tue 07 Jul 2020, 19:03

Hi. I just arrived in here. I am male, age 50 years from Denmark and have been flying gliders yearssss back. In the world of Pc, Xbox and Playstation I think I have had my hands on everything that looks realistic within flying... Simply is my thing Smile Have got my self a Hotas setup from Thrustmaster, with a helicopter exstention, witch does it nicely for me eighter in VR or triple monitor setup. Sure enjoy multiplayer with mission and love how communications in DCS is developing at the moment, together with Discord/Team Speak.... Hope to get some great fun in here with you and I sure am excited to have found a place for flying helicopters...
Regards Jan Nielsen, Chocks from Denmark.

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Age : 53
Location : Denmark

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New dude, Chucks Empty Re: New dude, Chucks

Post by (A/229) Spooky Tue 07 Jul 2020, 19:42

Hello Chocks, welcome to the 229th. You’ll find all the guys here very friendly and super helpful so I’m sure you’ll definitely have a great time here at the 229th.

All the Company Commanders and admin guys monitor this page very closely so rest assured that whichever one covers your timezone will be along shortly to help you get setup ready to attack the big blue sky… :-)

In the meantime, below is a 24 hour link to our Discord channel where we all hang out every day and link up to plan a flight or just chew the fat.
It’s also the best place to get all the help you need to get set up to fly on our servers. So join up soon and come say hello… definitely don’t be shy, as I said we’re all a very friendly bunch.


Also, as you’ll have a few things to set up to get on our servers, below is a link to the 229th Wiki page where you will find all the information you could ever ask about the 229th and getting all set up.

Don’t panic too much about the setup as once you’re on Discord we’ll get one of the guys in your timezone to buddy you through the process.


A Commander will be on through the day and associate you with you region, but this should get you started.

See you soon,

(A/229) Spooky
Company Commander
Rated Senior Aviator
Captain Company Commander Rated Senior Aviator

No. of Flights: : Hmmm Plenty
Killed In Action: : Never count this ... cant be too many right
Slick No. of landings: : Walked away from 80 percent of them lol
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Location : Cut Off, Louisiana

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New dude, Chucks Empty Re: New dude, Chucks

Post by (A/229) Swamp_Rat Tue 07 Jul 2020, 21:17

Hi Chocks! Welcome! We have some great fun around here!
(A/229) Swamp_Rat
(A/229) Swamp_Rat
Chief Warrant Officer 3
Rated Senior Aviator
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Rated Senior Aviator

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Location : Houston, Texas

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New dude, Chucks Empty Re: New dude, Chucks

Post by Sponsored content

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