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Message for 'Petey' & 'Psycho' Pixel

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Message for 'Petey' & 'Psycho'

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Message for 'Petey' & 'Psycho' Empty Message for 'Petey' & 'Psycho'

Post by (B/229) Gizzy Thu 29 Jun 2017, 13:29

Hi Lads, your application has been seen and we would like to welcome you and get things sorted but for whatever reason both ('Pyscho' & 'Petey') your accounts do not now exist or have been deleted and consequently we cannot progress any further or even contact you by email as that is also not in the database.

I just tested the system with a test registration and post and all seems to working fine including the mailer so we are not sure what the issue is.

Please either re-register or contact me by email to 229ahb at arlach 'dot' co 'dot' uk and we'll get the matter sorted...
(B/229) Gizzy
(B/229) Gizzy
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Chief Warrant Officer 3 Rated Senior Aviator

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